Runner stuns the internet with 19mph workout that has to be seen to be believed

Isobel van Hagen
Sunday 21 March 2021 11:50
(ubrZati TikTok screengrab)

An athlete has caught the internet’s attention after appearing to run on a super fast treadmill with incredible ease.

A viral video, that has been video early 10 million times on Twitter, shows a runner called Daphne at ubrZati training facility in Florida. The clip, originally shared on TikTok, shows four different athletes running on a treadmill at 19 miles per hour – the first three appearing to work very hard to keep going.

Daphne, the fourth person to go, runs in a highly nonchalant style, and appears to casually run barely breaking a sweat.

“Daphne running like 19mph is the slowest she can go,” one person joked.

“Daphne reminds me of Dash purposefully running the same speed as the other kids to look normal. She doesn’t even look like she’s even close to full speed,” another person added, referencing the superhero from The Incredibles whose power is superhuman speed.

Others thought she was more like T-1000, a character from The Terminator.

As @JoeBriggsEsq put it, “Everybody else looking like they are being chased... Daph? Hunting.”

Daphne has now amassed fans on TikTok, resulting in the TikTok account for the training facility to create a compilation video of the athlete called: "Which edition would you choose?"

We choose to never train that hard, and just watch Daphne do it.

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