How a fake Mr Bean caused a huge rivalry between Zimbabwe and Pakistan

How a fake Mr Bean caused a huge rivalry between Zimbabwe and Pakistan
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There are plenty of rivalries being played out at this year’s T20 World Cup, as the biggest cricketing sides go head to head.

But while people might be glued to India vs Pakistan or England vs India, there’s a surprising figure causing drama away from the pitch.

That figure? Mr Bean.

Yep, there’s tension brewing between Pakistan and Zimbabwe fans online over a fake version of the comedy character.

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Confused? So were we, but it all started on Twitter after Pakistan posted a series of pictures of players preparing for the game against Zimbabwe on Thursday (October 27).

A Zimbabwe fan replied to the post by saying they’ll ‘never forgive’ Pakistan for sending a “fake" Mr Bean to Zimbabwe.

“As Zimbabweans we wont forgive you…you once gave us that Fraud Pak Bean instead of Mr Bean Rowan ..we will settle the matter tommorow just pray the rains will save you…#ZIMVSPAK [sic],” he wrote.

When others got involved and asked for more information, the fan obliged by posting pictures of a man named Asif Muhammad from Pakistan, who reportedly travelled to Zimbabwe in 2016.

The man bears more than a passing resemblance to Rowan Atkinson’s Mr Bean, and the posts show Mr Muhammad heading to comedy night and even perform for a crowd with what appears to be a police escort. None of the people greeting Muhammed in the clip appear to know he's not the real deal.

Safe to say, he’s become the surprise star of the tournament, and added an extra layer of intrigue to the fixture.

To add further fuel to the fire Zimbabwe then went on to beat Pakistan on Thursday by just one run.

In response, the president of Zimbabwe Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa celebrated the win and also told Pakistan to 'Next time, send the real Mr Bean.'

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