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Tuesday has seen many social media accounts go silent as part of Black Out Tuesday, in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement and protests currently happening in the United States.

Many people have either posted the a single black image as part of the black out or posted messages of support and links to charities and movements to help those who may be effected by the events.

Football teams have also taken part in this event with some teams either taking the knee during training or posting the aforementioned black image.

Top sides such as Man Utd, Chelsea, Liverpool and Arsenal have posted images supporting Black Lives Matter.

However, in a completely predictable turn of events, there have been many so-called fans who have voiced their displeasure at their team's support for Black Lives Matter.

This is depressing to see but some clubs have opted not to engage with these types of individuals or give them any exposure which is noble but does allow them to get away scot-free.

West Bromwich Albion didn't let that happen on Tuesday when one, shall we say, former fan, told them they were 'pathetic' and asked them to cancel his season ticket after they showed support for Black Out Tuesday.

Rather than ignore this gentleman, WBA replied with just three words.

The Baggies reply soon went viral and was even more pertinent as during the late 1970s they became the first team in the UK to field three black players at the same time, which was unheard of in a country where racism was rife. The three men, Cyrille Regis, Laurie Cunningham and Brendan Batson became legends at the club and beyond and a statue now stands of the trio in West Bromwich town centre

Credit where credit is due as West Brom weren't the only club to call out a racist in their comments.

With the Premier League due to restart later this month following a break due to coronavirus, Kick It Out the anti-racism football organisation have urged people to take a knee and show their support for the protests that are taking place following the death of George Floyd in the Untied States.

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