The Tories attempts to become a cool and hip party on social media have so far backfired considerably and at this point, we'd doubt it could get much worse.

However, it looks like we spoke too soon after they attempted to mock Labour's proposed plans to introduce free broadband for all should they be elected.

In a tweet posted by the CCHQ press office on Friday morning, they ask what will Labour's leader, Jeremy Corbyn, will nationalise next?

The options include: Tesco, pubs, Nando's or Arsenal FC?

The reference to Arsenal is a clear dig at Corbyn who is a vocal supporter of the north London side.

While the Tories might have thought this was a clever dig at Labour, it has actually backfired as Arsenal fans have hijacked the vote.

As they are one of the most active fanbases on Twitter, Gunners fans have pointed out that they would be in favour of their team being nationalised as they are disgruntled with the club's current ownership which they attribute to their downturn in success.

At the time of writing, Arsenal are currently winning the poll with 33 per cent of the vote.

Elsewhere, people have been quick to mock this otherwise bizarre poll as it appears to be nothing more than a lowbrow attempt to mock the Labour Party.

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