Tories try to mock Corbyn but end up spectacularly owning themselves

Darren Richman
Monday 11 November 2019 10:00
(Getty / Twitter)

The Conservatives have inexplicably shared a video attempting to mock the Labour Party leader not realising it actually represents an embarrassing own goal.

In the video, posted on the official Conservatives Twitter feed, Corbyn is seen being interviewed by a reporter about their pledge to boost the NHS. Saying at one point: "That's more than you're offering."

Corbyn swiftly replies by noting that the Tories have previously promised to increase GP numbers and instead later ended up reducing them. He then backs this up by providing a figure that he then realises is wrong.

At this point, he asks to have another go at answering the question so he can include the actual figures, which is admittedly slightly embarrassing for Corbyn but is a pretty standard moment on the campaign trail.

The Conservatives quickly honed in on the mistake suggesting that Corbyn may not be up to the job of managing the economy, stating 'numbers matter' in a snipey tweet after he makes a joke about the gaffe at the end of the clip.

There's just one problem.

What the Tories seem to fail to observe is that, although Corbyn did indeed make a mistake with his wording, the video actually highlights their grave mismanagement of the NHS - the correct figures actually make the Conservative party look even worse.

It’s up for the people to decide which they think is the more significant error but the clip is certainly worth watching.

The people on Twitter had some thoughts, as they tend to.

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