Here's why the Premier League transfer market makes no sense

Evan Bartlett@ev_bartlett
Friday 18 July 2014 19:50

Real Madrid have signed World Cup winning, midfield maestro-ing, German Fußballspiel-ing genius Toni Kroos for a mere £20m.

So what a bizarre state of affairs British football is in when:

It cost Liverpool £35m to sign Andy Carroll in 2011...

Joleon Lescott = 3 Vincent Kompanys

Manchester City signed Joleon Lescott in 2009 for £24m. They signed Vincent Kompany for £7.5m. Lescott just signed for West Brom on a free transfer.

Adam Lallana = 1.6 Ivan Rakitics

Liverpool have just signed 26-year-old Adam Lallana - nine England caps, no major honours - for £26m. Barcelona have just signed 26-year-old Ivan Rakitic - 65 Croatia caps, Europa League winner - for a smidgen over £15m.

Luke Shaw = 5 Gerard Piques

Manchester United have just signed an 18-year-old Luke Shaw for a reported £26m. In 2008 they sold 21-year-old Gerard Pique to Barcelona for £5m.

Pique has since won one World Cup, two Champions Leagues, a European Championship, four league titles and has been in the Fifpro World Team of the Year three times. A fair bit for young Mr Shaw to live up to...

Gareth Bale = 4 Arjen Robbens

Ok, so Gareth Bale is Welsh (and not English) but overvalued transfer fees don't just stop at the Severn Bridge. Real Madrid paid £80m for Bale in 2013, Bayern Munich paid around £20m for Robben in 2009.

Darren Bent = 12 Michus

Aston Villa signed Bent for £24m in 2011. Michu cost Swansea City just £2m. Darren Bent spent most of last season on the bench at Fulham... who got relegated.

Football managers, think before you buy!

Never forget...

All transfer fee details via Transfermarkt