People are praising the way Johanna Konta responded to this journalist's 'patronising' question

People are praising the way Johanna Konta responded to this journalist's 'patronising' question

Johanna Konta has hit back at her Wimbledon critics after crashing out at the quarter-final stage, and it has to be said that her response to one journalist's 'patronising' question is absolutely brilliant.

On Tuesday, Konta made it through to the final eight in this year's Wimbledon, knocking out the favourites Sloane Stevens and Petra Kvitova on route, and exceeding expectations.

However, at the last hurdle, she fell to a straight-sets defeat from Barbora Strycova on Centre Court.

In a post-match press conference, Konta was pressed by a male journalist to see if she felt she'd missed an opportunity to progress in the tournament, and it goes without saying that she had a perfect response.

In the clip, a male journalist can be heard saying:

Do you not have to look at yourself a little bit about how you cope with those big points, because it's all very well saying it's a lot to do with your opponent, but there were key points when you could have perhaps done better?

In response, Konta hit back:

I don't think you need to pick on me in a harsh way. I mean, I'm very open with you guys, and say how I feel out there, and if you don't want to accept that answer, or you don't agree with it, that's fine. 

But, I still believe in the tennis that I play, and I still believe in the way I competed, and yeah I don't have much more to say to your question. 

The reporter didn't leave it there, however, and continued to press the point:

I'm just asking you as someone who presumably wants to go on from here, learn from this and win a grand slam one day, is it not something that you need...

However, Konta was having none of it, and she retorted:

Please don't patronise me.

The male journalist then said:

I'm not patronising you...

To which she responded:

No, no, you are. 

In the way that you're asking your question. You're being quite disrespectful, and you are patronising me. 

I'm a professional competitor, who did her best today, and that's all there is to that. 

After the clip was shared to social media, many Twitter users praised how Konta had dealt with the questioning.

Some said they felt they could relate to the way Konta felt.

Others said it's just another day of being a woman.

Some questioned whether the journalist would have spoken to a man in the same way.

The odd person, however, thought that her response was a 'cop-out'.

But most thought it was a 'nasty' and 'mean-spirited' line of questioning.

And congratulated Konta on the way she dealt with the journalist.

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