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An artist has made a series of illustrations to show how adults encourage sexism in young boys, and it's an absolute must-see.

In a thread on Twitter, artist Damien Alexander shared his thoughts on why men become socialised to be sexist, and it's brilliant.

In a series of tweets, he wrote:

Saw a lady tell her son he couldn’t have a Wonder Woman doll because “that’s for girls” and it got me thinking...

...About my experiences as a kid with similar situations and how society refuses to let boys have female role models.

And how boys grow and develop sexism early on from these seemingly small interactions.

Alongside the words, he shared the comic, which quite frankly nails how these sexist ideas develop:

Speaking to Bored Panda about the illustrations, Alexander said:

Growing up, my favourite character was Matilda. She was so smart, and I related to her feeling out of place in her family.

The telekinesis thing was also really exciting for me. Then there’s Anne of Green Gables, Hermione from Harry Potter, Mary Poppins, Mulan, and so many more.

I think it’s because girl characters tend to use creative problem solving instead of outright violence, and I found that a lot more engaging.

He added:

If a little boy admires Elsa, just let him and don’t make a fuss about it. I’m so tired of seeing parents in the toy section direct their sons away from the doll aisle saying “Nope, that’s for girls!

We wholeheartedly agree, Damien! Keep being awesome.

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