This man dressed as Big Ben at London Marathon is the only Brexit metaphor you need

This man dressed as Big Ben at London Marathon is the only Brexit metaphor you need

If running a marathon isn't hard enough, try doing it while dressed as one of Britain's greatest landmarks - Big Ben.

One brave runner achieved this remarkable feat, running the full 26.2 miles in a full-body Big Ben costume, with only a slight hiccup in the end.

Unfortunately for him, the tower costume was just a little bit too high for the finish line, and he had to receive some help to make it in the end.

But while the runner, name as Lukas Bates, failed to beat the Guinness World Record for finishing a marathon dressed as a landmark, he did raise over £4,500 for Alzheimer research UK. On his fundraising page, Bates wrote:

I have a place in the London marathon 2019 & I am going to attempt to break the record for the fastest marathon dressed as a landmark (Big Ben)! I have now manufactured a Big Ben suit which comes in approximately 1.5 metres over my head.

I will be raising money for Alzheimers research UK. This charity is close to my heart as I have first hand experienced the effects of this to very close family members as they have battled with this disease. My Nanny (Pat Jackson) passed away last year after losing her battle with this, she had this horrible disease for many years and lost allot of who she was through this.

He finished his story by writing:

... I hope you like my costume design .. I recently asked my Grandma in Bath what she thought of it ... she looked slightly confused and asked why I was a clock and had a little laugh!

And while the video makes for an amusing watch, Twitter users couldn't help themselves in pointing out the obvious Brexit metaphor.

Even though he didn't break the world record, Bates still ran the marathon in 3 hours and 54 minutes. What a hero.

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