This trans cyclist had a perfect response when Donald Trump Jr tried to attack her

Funnily enough, Donald "let's have a laugh about #MeToo" Trump Jr has out of the blue become an unlikely advocate for women's sport.

Sound too good to be true? That's because it is. As with most straight cis men with a history of misogyny, Trump's sudden desire to stand up for women's rights is basically one big excuse to spout transphobia.

Earlier this week he retweeted a post from Tucker Carlson-funded far-right website The Daily Caller, which referred to Canadian transgender cyclist Rachel McKinnon as a "biological male".

In a series of tweets, Trump Jr said that "this BS" (by which we assume he means trans rights) will "destroy women's sports", a thoroughly debunked stance common among trans-exclusionary radical feminists and general transphobes.

McKinnon says she immediately realised something was up when she was "flooded with hate speech" over on Instagram.

According to a screenshot of a comment she posted, the haters seem to fail to understand basic science.

Anyway, she quickly got wind of what was going on.

And proceeded to school the president's son on her situation, while calling out the root of his issues.

Others made a lot of very good points, especially in response to the very confused people agreeing with Trump Jr.

McKinnon has a PhD in philosophy and is an associate professor at the college of Charleston. Clearly, she's not one to pick a fight with. We very much stan.

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