Donald Trump Jr makes awful jokes about #MeToo, cows and gender identity at CPAC panel

Donald Trump Jr is a man of many undesirable talents such as taking awful selfies, having terrible judgement, being really bad at Twitter and being Donald Trump's son.

Now we can add making cringe-worthy and offensive jokes to his repertoire, if his appearance yesterday at the infamous CPAC conference is anything to go by.

The 31-year-old took part in a panel hosted by the lawyer and president of Liberty University Jerry Falwell Jr, where he spoke alongside his girlfriend Kimberly Guilfoyle, Jerry's wife Becki Falwell and Charlie Kirk, the founder of Turning Point.

Considering the panel on the stage, we wouldn't have expected to hear any side-splitting gags, but if somebody was going to make an effort at forcing a few chuckles it was probably going to be Don Jr and boy, he didn't disappoint.

Things started to go a bit wrong for Don Jr's fledgeling stand-up career when he tried to make a joke about the Falwell's new granddaughter who has been given the very Republican name of 'Reagan'.

Don Jr chirped in and joked that he had lobbied for the girl to be named "Trump", which Becki Falwell argued was "not the most feminine name". This prompted Don Jr to chirp back and mock gender identity.

We’re gonna take a page out of the liberal playbook. It doesn’t matter, it doesn’t matter, we can identify how we want.

Rather worryingly, Becki defiantly replied that:

We are raising her as a girl. We are not letting her have a choice. God makes the choice what the babies are gonna be and God decided she would be a girl.

Jerry then added more fuel to this already blazing bin fire of a conversation.

You don't have to raise her as a girl. She's got a little baby doll under her arm all the time. My boys always had guns in their hands.

For some reason, despite the chat not requiring this sort of comment Don Jr decided to say "Hashtag MeToo", which didn't exactly prompt many laughs from the audience, some of whom seemed embarrassed that he'd even said it.

The conversation then dramatically turned to CPAC's favourite topic of the week which is 'cows' and their belief that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's Green New Deal is going to stop people eating beef.

Jerry then seemed to threaten Ocasio-Cortez:

As far as those cows you mentioned, I've got one hundred cows, you just let Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez show up at my house and take those cows away.

Once again, Don Jr thought he would flex his comedic muscle and said:

I love cows, Jerry. They're delicious.

Only Kimberly seemed to find that one amusing and it's perfectly possible that that was a sympathy laugh. I think it's safe to say, 'don't quit the day job, Don'... whatever that is.

The fact that a member of the Trump family is making a joke of this nature shouldn't come as a surprise as the Trump's have opposed the #MeToo movement since it's inception and attempted to ridicule women, like Christine Blasey Ford, who have accused Trump associates of assault.

HT The Hill

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