What is the scripted NFL conspiracy theory and is it true?

What is the scripted NFL conspiracy theory and is it true?
Twitter Makes Fun Of Former NFL Player's “Script” Conspiracy

A joke taken out of context has launched a new conspiracy about the NFL.

On Tuesday, former running back Arian Foster joked that the NFL was “rigged” and used a “script” each season.

“That’s what practice was about, it was about practicing the script,” Foster said on his podcast Macrodosing with co-host PFT Commenter on Tuesday.

Macrodosing is a Barstool Sports podcast where the two “explore conspiracies, conundrums, and the dark corners of the deep web.”

So it only made sense that Foster include his own conspiracy on the show, even if it was sarcastic.

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PFT Commenter told listeners that Foster revealed to him that “the NFL is rigged” and “every year he used to get a script… dropped off at his locker.”

He outlined examples like how every week there would be new drama - an injury, a bad referee call, touchdowns, etc.

Foster joked, “We were really dedicated to it.”

The clip of the two discussing the NFL's seasonal script went viral on Twitter with over 8 million views leading some to believe it could be true.

"Lol if this is at all true [then] my conspiracy theory-loving friends were right," Cavan tweeted.

"Why would former NFL players lie about something like that? What's in it for them? Publicity? Maybe but there's literally proof. I've heard way [too] many people CURRENT players say script when speaking? They could've [chosen] to say anything else but they all seem to say 'script'." A Twitter user wrote.

But mostly, people took the opportunity to make jokes and memes about famous NFL players who had unfortunate endings to their careers like Joe Theismann, Terrell Davis, Sterling Sharpe, and more.

Even current NFL players got in on the joke.

Robert Griffin III responded with, "reading the end of the script for 2012," referencing the two knee injuries he experienced during the 2012 season.

New York Giant's wide receiver Darius Slayton wrote, "Me when I got the script for our 2021 season," referencing the Giant's loss against the Philadelphia Eagles in the NFL divisional round.

As much as Chicago Bears fans wish there was a script, seems like Foster's commenters were only a joke.

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