Conspiracy theorists convinced Damar Hamlin has been replaced by actor

Conspiracy theorists convinced Damar Hamlin has been replaced by actor
Damar Hamlin attends Bills playoff game

There has been an outpouring of love and support for Buffalo Bills player Damar Hamlin after he experienced a cardiac arrest incident in early January.

Pray for Damar”, “#3 Strong,” and “Love for Damar” are statements written across signs and t-shirts at football games lately.

According to Instagram posts from Hamlin and statements from the Bills about his health, the 24-year-old is on his way to making a steady recovery from the terrifying incident.

But of course, that’s not enough to convince some extreme conspiracy theorists that Hamlin is on his way to recovery.

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On Twitter, some have shared their entirely unfounded theories that Hamlin died on 2 January and now a body-double, or actor, is being used as a Hamlin stand-in.

According to some Twitter users, if you search for Hamlin's "death certificate" a result pops-up, therefore solidifying the theory that Hamlin is dead.

However, when searching for any living person, the same result pops up.

Other people believe Hamlin is not alive because there have been very few clear photos of his face in public since the incident.

"The real Damar Hamlin is dead. He has been Cloned. He died on the field, why do you think the rest of his teammates haven’t been talking to him?" A Twitter user wrote on Monday.

On Sunday night, Hamlin made an appearance at the Bills versus Bengals game to show support for his team.

According to the Bills, he made a "special visit" to the locker room to greet his teammates, three weeks after he went into cardiac arrest.

Head coach, Sean McDermott, said his presence was "good for the guys" and a "pretty cool moment."

Fans could spot Hamlin making a heart with his hands and hyping up the Bills during the game.

But because the football player kept his coat hood up and sunglasses on it made it difficult to see his face clearly, only adding fuel to the fire of conspiracies.

More than likely, Hamlin was keeping his distance from large, overwhelming crowds, while he recovers from the serious medical incident.

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