Spring must be in the air: John Inverdale with another on-air shocker

Evan Bartlett@ev_bartlett
Tuesday 10 March 2015 17:40
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John Inverdale famously blamed hayfever for his comments about tennis player Marion Bartoli's appearance at Wimbledon last year, and we have a feeling spring may just be in the air again.

While interviewing jockey Lizzie Kelly and former rider John Francome at the Cheltenham Festival, the presenter dropped the c-bomb.

After hearing Francome reminisce about his early days of working in stables, Inverdale explained that he must be "looking at it through rose-c*ed glasses".

Warning: Strong language (obviously)

You get wet, you're mucking out... and it's hard work. But through all of that it's a way of life that most of them wouldn't swap, a lot of people go off and do other things and then come back to it.

  • Francome

This is looking at it through rose-c*ed... rose-tinted glasses from the past... I apologise there for a slip of the tongue... but Lizzie your love of the sport just shines through.

  • Inverdale

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