This newspaper just used a picture of Stormzy in a story about Romelu Lukaku

Picture (composite):
Picture (composite):
left: John Phillips/Getty, centre: @MrJiri/Twitter screenshot, right: EMMANUEL DUNAND/AFP/Getty

A nationwide Irish tabloid has used a photo of grime artist Stormzy to illustrate a story about footballer Romelu Lukaku.

The photo was printed on the back page of The Herald tabloid on Monday 10 July, in a story concerning Lukaku's departure from Everton to join Manchester United.

Tottenham MP David Lammy was one of those who pointed out the mistake on social media.

Lammy jokingly offered his own services.

Others also noticed the error:

A photo of Lukaku is currently being used on the story as it appears on the Herald website.

The photo of Stormzy appears to have been taken from an article in Soccer Bible.

In May 2016 Soccer Bible reported on a meeting between Stormzy and David Beckham to re-open an Adidas store, as shown here:

In February 2017 Stormzy appeared on Saturday Kitchen.

Shown a side by side photo of himself and Lukaku, Stormzy was asked whether he looked like him. He replied:

I'm not gonna lie. Every time I see it I just look at him and think 'Yeah you do mate'

Stormzy has acknowledged the news story on Twitter, albeit not directly.

The Herald have also published an apology for the confusion:

Hands up, we got it badly wrong.

Earlier, we made an error with a picture of Romelu Lukaku that wasn't him. It was Stormzy.

To be honest, we are totally embarrassed and want to say sorry to all involved and our readers for the error.

We will keep our eye on the ball in future.

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