There is now a football league exclusively for fat players

There is now a football league exclusively for fat players

If you love playing football but are over a BMI of 30 and are worried about getting burned for pace by whippet-thin wingers, we may have a solution for you.

A five-a-side league has been set up for men who are considered 'obese' by the World Health Organisation.

The league, organised by ManvFat, will run for 14 weeks and is free to play due to part-funding by Solihull Council.

It is only open to those with a BMI over 30 - any lower and you will have to organise your own league.

Andy Allsop, 23 stone, told BBC's Radio 5 Live that it was far more enjoyable than conventional weight loss programmes:

We’ve all been to weight watchers and slimming world and all sorts of stuff where you go, you pay your money, you get weighed and then you talk about how you’re going to do better next week.

This way you go and weigh yourself but you don’t go and talk about it, you play on a football pitch.

Weight is everybody’s Everest that goes there, we’re all trying our hardest.

It’s one of the few places you can back yourself for pace in the game!

Listen to the full clip below:

Andy plays for FC EGCO in the league, and put away a tidy backheel finish in a league match on 19 January.

Watch the full clip, below:

Nice work Andy, keep it up.

If you live in the Solihull area and want to give the league a try, you can sign up at

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