On Friday evening, Megan Rapinoe scored twice to give the United States a 2-1 victory over France in the quarter-final of the World Cup.

After scoring her first goal, a rather fortunate free kick in the fifth minute, she ran over to the corner of the pitch and celebrated by raising her arms in the air, not dissimilar to that 'are you not entertained' scene from Gladiator.

Rapinoe has been involved in a war of words with Donald Trump this week after an interview of her saying that she wouldn't go to the 'f*****g White House' drew the ire of the president.

Her goal and celebration became instantly iconic and people soon started to create memes of the 33-year-old star, mostly to mock Trump.

Others felt that she should automatically become the Democratic candidate for the 2020 US election while some just went straight ahead and elected her as president.

Some used her image to make jokes about other things and we have no problem with that at all.

HT Twitter Moments

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