Mexico and South Korea fans became best friends after Germany dropped out of the World Cup

Greg Evans
Thursday 28 June 2018 11:30
Picture:(James Wagner/ Siavoush Fallahi/ Twitter/ Screengrab)

Yesterday's World Cup headlines were all grabbed by Germany's humiliating exit from the World Cup at the group stage.

Sure, everyone (apart from Germans) loves revelling in the decline of a pre-tournament favourite, especially the reigning champions but let's not overlook the efforts of South Korea.

The Asian team had narrowly lost their first two games and were effectively out of the competition.

No one gave them a chance against Germany, who would have been buoyed following their dramatic win against Sweden in their previous game.

Yet with nothing to realistically play for the Korean's put in a valiant performance, especially their goalkeeper Cho Hyun-woo and managed to defeat Germany 2-0.

The result eliminated Joachim Low's side but it also helped Mexico qualify for the next round.

The Mexican's lost 3-0 to Sweden in a game happening at exactly the same time and they feared they were going out. Yet when Korea's result filtered through to the masses at the Ekaterinburg Arena, scenes of jubilation could be witnessed as Mexico realised they would live to fight another day, thanks to Korea's Herculean effort.

After the game scenes of Mexican's and Korean's celebrating in the streets went viral online with seemingly any Korean fan being hoisted on to the shoulders of Mexican's in a token of gratitude.

Even Byoung-Jin Han, the Korean consul for Mexico was ambushed by excited fans outside the Korean embassy in Mexico City.

How lovely to see everyone getting on. We hope that Mexico and South Korea become best friends forever.

There would have been even more to celebrate had Mexico won their game as Korea would have also qualified for the next round.

Still, let's not tarnish this otherwise beautiful moment.

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