This England fan travelled all the way to Russia but made one catastrophic error

Greg Evans
Wednesday 27 June 2018 15:45
Picture:(Dan Howells/ ITN News)

Seeing your country play at a World Cup would be a dream for any football fan.

Travelling to an exotic location, experiencing a new culture, visiting new stadiums with all your mates and then, all being well, your team goes and wins.

Sounds ideal, doesn't it? Well only if you remember to bring your tickets to the match along with you.

Spare a thought then for this one unfortunate England fan who travelled all the way to Russia only to forget his ticket.


The gentleman in question was known only as Douglas, who happened to encounter ITV news editor Dan Howells in a hotel in Volgograd.

Dan shared a picture of himself with Douglas and explained his story on Twitter.

The tweet soon started to gain attention and for a moment, thanks to the help of others, it looked like his problem might be resolved.

However, the problem soon changed from lost tickets to a lost Douglas as they could no longer find him to inform him of the good news.

As kick-off approached there was still no signs of Douglas and things were beginning to look bleak.

Even a phone call to his hotel room didn't solve it.

The final report seems to be one of a what could have been as Douglas never reappeared in time.

Just to add insult to injury, the game that Douglas missed was England's 6-1 hammering of Panama on Sunday, which is bound to be one of the Three Lions biggest ever wins at a World Cup (unless we thrash Brazil 10-0 at some point).

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