Comedian roasts Fox News for taking her feminist joke way too seriously

Comedian roasts Fox News for taking her feminist joke way too seriously
Jesse Watters corrected by Fox News co-hosts for comments about women and …
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A comedian from Los Angeles returned to TikTok to roast Fox News after they took her innocent joke way too far.

It all started when Madi Hart (@madihart_soccer) shared a satirical storytime about a date she had last year.

She joked that "feminism left her body" when the man paid for the night.

"It sort of activated something feral in me, I’m not going to lie," Madi humoured, before signing off: "It might be time for me to get away from all these, you know, liberal snowflakes."

Fast-forward, and now Madi is plastered across Republican Twitter, various news outlets – with one headline reading 'Feminist Discovers That the Patriarchy Is Actually Pretty Great' – and none other than Fox News.

In the recent clip, Madi discusses the backstory and how she came to realise she had become an internet sensation.

Wearing a T-shirt of her face that aired on Jesse Watters Primetime, Madi said she discovered she was on the Fox News segment when her conservative father rang her to say he was "proud" of her.

She noted that she had not spoken to him for six months.


Fox News is so UNSERIOUS 😭 #storytime #grwm #single #situationship #foxnews #bisexual #comingout #relationshipstorytime

Fox News even had a dating expert in to deconstruct Madi's viral TikTok, and to discuss whether masculinity is dead.

"In my TikTok, I say that I’m bisexual, and most of my extended family did not know that I was bisexual," Hart concluded. "They all saw the clip because they all watch Fox News every night. So that is also how I came out to my entire extended family, via Fox News."

One person responded: "Okay but coming out on national news is actually so iconic."

Meanwhile, another fellow user wrote: "They don’t get sarcasm or satire - ever. It’s embarrassing."

Madi later joked: "This storytime has everything. Romance, scandal, controversy, coming out, estranged family members returning……"

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