Expert shares 'scientifically proven method' to sober up quick

Expert shares 'scientifically proven method' to sober up quick
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It’s a scene many of us know… After a few too many drinks, your friend is a little worse for wear, the rest of your mates are worried they won’t get into the club and you’re looking for ways to get sober as quickly as possible.

We’d never condone binge drinking, of course, but an expert has revealed the ‘scientifically proven method’ to sober up quickly and the ideal way to lower one’s Blood Alcohol Content.

According to lawyer Paul Doroshenko, who goes by @prairiepau on TikTok, the best way to lower your BAC is to hyperventilate.

Before we go on, we should say that Doroshenko suggests there’s a lot more research to be done before considering it a surefire method. He also cited a 2020 study published in Science Alert which suggests that hyperventilation could indeed lower BAC, but the research only involved five participants.

Speaking in a video he posted on TikTok, Doroshenko said: “So we know that alcohol eliminates from the body at a fairly linear rate. And it’s eliminated by your liver…Basically, you pee it out.”

He added: “But what about breathing? I mean, we know that you have a breath tester, and some alcohol is going out of your breath, and the breath tester tests the alcohol concentration in your breath and gives you a projected blood alcohol concentration. That means you are exhaling alcohol.”


How can you sober up quickly? For thousands of years humans of wondered whether or not there was a way to make themselves sober up quickly. Coffee doesn’t work. Cold showers do not work. There is no medication that will make you sober up more quickly. There is, however, a scientifically proven method of reducing your blood-alcohol concentration. A 2020 study demonstrates convincingly that hyperventilating can reduce your blood-alcohol concentration. In other words, deep and rapid breaths will speed up the elimination of alcohol from your body. #Alcohol #Drunk #DrunkDriving #DUI #Test #Breathing #AlcoholPoisoning #impaireddriving #Police #Courts #Sober #SoberUp #Drinking #Hangover #FYP

Speaking about the 2020 research, the lawyer went on to say: “What they found was really remarkable. It resulted in a clearance rate three times as great as the baseline. So instead of it being a linear projected elimination, it was a rapid elimination. You could eliminate quite a bit of alcohol in a very short period of time.”

Doroshenko also argued that hyperventilating could even change the results of breathalyzer tests – and he added that it may even provide a more reliable result.

He said: “As far as I’m concerned, there’s nothing wrong with [this method], because you may be getting a more accurate reading.”

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