Tiktoker goes viral with Taylor Swift 'dark energy' conspiracy

Taylor Swift

Tiktoker goes viral with Taylor Swift 'dark energy' conspiracy

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Taylor Swift fans have been left shocked after a conspiracy theorist on TikTok claimed the singer is “sadistic”, “satanic” and ‘harvests energy’ at her concerts in a bizarre clip.

Laura Renaud posted a TikTok earlier this month voicing her thoughts on the multi-Grammy winner artist, after another user asked her thoughts on Swift’s Karma music video off of her album Midnights.

The TikTok starts with Renaud saying “here’s why I do not f*** with Taylor Swift,” as she proceeds to explain her conspiracy theory to relates to her broader belief that “the world is run by shapeshifting psychopaths”. The latter is a commonly believed amongst conspiracy theorists with links to anti-semitism and anti-Semitic tropes.

Renaud goes on to say “I am a ‘conspiracy theorist’, even though these are no conspiracies anymore people. All celebrities are controlled,” she goes on to claim.

“You need to understand that Hollywood and the whole entertainment industry had an agenda,” she says. “An agenda to program people, an agenda to lower people’s vibration.”

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This isn’t the first time a conspiracy theory about music has featured on social media. In 2021, many were claiming that the pitch of modern music was causing listener’s brains to become “agitated” as well as to “control” listeners.

“I would never listen to her new s*** because I know that there is a dark energy behind her music,” Renaud shares. At one point she even goes so far as to suggest that Swift isn’t human.


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Renaud then goes on to discuss Swift’s current tour the Eras Tour, and comments on the admittedly obscene prices some concertgoers are paying to attend. She says that she would never “step foot” in one of the venues “because there’s energy harvesting rituals, there’s mind programming being done”.

“You need to understand we live in an energetic world and all of this has been thought out so long ago. So you have all of these young girls looking up to her … this is all part of the f***ing hoax.”

The Weeknd, Beyonce, and “all the rap” include other artists and music genres that Renaud said she wouldn’t listen to, claiming they too are attempting harvest energy and program fan’s minds. She goes on to ask fans of Swift to “just open your eyes a little bit.”

“We are praising people who are praising dark forces, who are keeping people plugged into the illusion,” she says before the TikTok ends.

Whilst some in the comments agreed with Renaud saying “glad I’m not the only one”, and “very well said”, the majority were shocked at Renaud’s outlandish beliefs.

Many of the comments were in disbelief over Renaud’s genuine faith in the theory saying they were “confused” and that the theory was “strange”. Others joked that they too “do not f***” with Swift but because they didn’t get tickets to see her, not because they believe she is satanic.

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