How to take the viral '4 colour personality test' to find out your real 'traits'

How to take the viral '4 colour personality test' to find out your real 'traits'

The internet is a breeding ground for viral quizzes and tests that supposedly tell you things you didn't know about yourself.

Now, there's a new one making rounds online and it's famously known as the '4 Color Personality Test'.

For the blissfully unaware, the quiz will ask a string of questions that contribute to whether your personality is 'blue', 'red', 'yellow' or 'green'.

Blue is said to symbolise calmness and genuine care for others. Reds are more outgoing, passionate and may have a bit of a temper. Yellow represents someone who is someone filled with optimism. Meanwhile, green values growth and freedom.

While there are many versions of the quiz popping up online, one of the most popular ways is through the website My Personality Test – and it's completely free.

It comes after one quiz completely blew up earlier this year, taking over TikTok timelines across the globe.

Avid social media users will be familiar with the 'are you a Soldier, Poet or King' test, in which

To try it out for yourself, the quiz is on the Uquiz website, where it asks participants 20 questions that range from asking definitions such as "what is duty," to more vague scenarios such as "if you were to hold a crown," and what "the throne looks," like and many more where a multiple choice answer must be selected for each.

After entering your answers, you will be given a result of either a solider, poet or king, with a summary as to what qualities you possess that matched you to this role.

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