Are you a Soldier, Poet or King? Take the test that's gone viral on TikTok

Are you a Soldier, Poet or King? Take the test that's gone viral on TikTok
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If you love a good ol' personality quiz, there's a new one that's making rounds on TikTok where you can find out if you're more like a soldier, poet or king.

But why those three unique occupations? Well, the test is inspired by the song "Soldier, Poet, King" by The Oh Hellos according to the creator "nour."

To try it out for yourself, the quiz is on the Uquiz website, where it asks participants 20 questions that range from asking definitions such as “what is duty,” to more vague scenarios such as "if you were to hold a crown," and what "the throne looks," like and many more where a multiple choice answer must be selected for each.

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After entering your answers, you will be given a result of either a solider, poet or king, with a summary as to what qualities you possess that matched you to this role.

This is what the quiz looks like, simply enter you name and press "Start Quiz," to answer the multiple choice questions uQuiz

The quiz has sparked discussions on TikTok as people have revealed what role they were given.

"Highly recommend taking the quiz, it asks some interesting questions. The description of king made so much sense for me but damn I wanted to be a poet," @bews.world wrote.

While @caityreads has been sharing aesthetic videos for the solider, poet and king.

TikToker @iamyourmothersmistress went viral with 4.1m views after sharing how she took the test and was disappointed to be given king instead of poet.

Elsewhere, another uQuiz went viral on TikTok last year that tells you what emotion you are after answering 11 questions include choosing your preferred drink and flower to "choose a random event from life that suits you."

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