Is Cartoon Network shutting down? Why fans are mourning the 'cancellation' of beloved channel

Is Cartoon Network shutting down? Why fans are mourning the 'cancellation' of beloved channel
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The hashtag #RIPCartoonNetwork is trending on X / Twitter with fans of the beloved cartoon TV channel sharing their favourite shows and memories from it.

Animation Workers Ignited shared a Tweet that said: "Cartoon Network is dead?!?! Spread the word about what's at stake for animation!!! Post about your favourite Cartoon Network shows using #RIPCartoonNetwork."

It also features an animation which claims "Cartoon Network is essentially dead and other animations studios are not far behind" because "record numbers" of animation workers are unemployed as studios are "reducing spending and cutting staff".

The Tweet has got millions of views in a matter of hours and #RIPCartoonNetwork is the top trending topic on X / Twitter at the time of writing.

It's led to a number of social media users to share and repost it saying how sad they are Cartoon Network will be no more.

But is it actually shutting down?

In short, the answer is no.

The Tweet is a campaign by Animation Workers Ignited to spread its message that animation workers appear to be getting the rough end of the deal at the moment.

It appears there have been no recent layoffs to trigger the trend though.

Cartoon Network reportedly has its challenges, having taken a hit post-Covid along with being affected by merger cuts that affected a lot of divisions in Warner Bros Discovery.

But it's not shutting down and it continues to tackle those challenges in faces while trying to adapt to changes run the industry.

It seems as though Animation Workers Ignited has got its message across effectively though as a number of social media users have been sharing their favourite Cartoon Network memories and paying tribute to the channel - even though it's not going anywhere just yet.

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