16 best tributes and reactions as 'perfect' Curb Your Enthusiasm finale airs

16 best tributes and reactions as 'perfect' Curb Your Enthusiasm finale airs
Yeah, that 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' plotline that got Larry a letter from … - Cracked / VideoElephant

When long-running TV series finish, it truly feels like the end of an era with viewers left wondering how they're going to fill that void that's been a part of their lives for so long.

The latest audience to fall into that are viewers of HBO comedy Curb Your Enthusiasm, which finished on April 7.

The first episode aired in 2000 - 12 seasons, 24 years and another 119 episodes later, the popular Larry David series has now come to an end.

NOTE: The rest of the article contains spoilers for Curb Your Enthusiasm

The final episode called 'No Lessons' stars Larry and his Seinfeld co-creator Jerry Seinfeld.

The 12th and final season started in February 2024 with an episode called 'Atlanta' where Larry gets arrested for giving water to Leon Black's aunt while she was waiting in line to vote.

The final episode wrapped up the case and it appears to be on course to be similar to the controversial Seinfeld finale in which its star characters were jailed after failing to obey a new Good Samaritan Law.

In Curb Your Enthusiasm, the jury found Larry guilty and he was sentenced by the judge to the maximum sentence of one year in prison.

But Jerry then shows up to tell Larry he met a juror who broke sequester forcing the judge to declare a mistrial.

Jerry and Larry then figure out they should have done this before in a nod to the Seinfeld finale with Curb Your Enthusiasm ending with Larry and his friends heading back to Los Angeles.

The ending went down incredibly well on social media.

After the finale Cheryl Hines, who plays Larry's exwife Cheryl, posted on Twitter saying "I love you all" with a video showing photos of her and fellow cast members.

Fans and celebrities have been reacting and paying tribute to the series and its ending too.

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