GB News accused of Russian propaganda after broadcaster questions who 'good guys are'

GB News accused of Russian propaganda after broadcaster questions who 'good guys are'
GB News broadcaster claims it's hard to know 'who the bad guys ...
GB News

A GB News host has claimed it’s hard to know “who the good guys are” when it comes to the Russian and Ukraine war and biohazards.

In a long and rambling speech broadcast on the news channel, host Mark Steyn claimed that there are US biolabs in Ukraine that are insecure as Russia invades.

During the speech, lasting more than eight minutes, Steyn managed to include big talking points such as Covid-19, Wuhan labs, the CIA and China.

At the start, he said: “There are innocents in Ukraine, undoubtedly – the pregnant women in labour covered in blood emerging from a shelled hospital.

“The dead children lying in the street. But it's harder to figure out who the good guys are.”

He then began repeating conspiracy theories that Covid-19 was created by the Americans and government agencies were intentionally covering it up.

Then, he claimed that “in a year or three” those who have had the Pfizer vaccine will begin to have “a whole bunch of new ailments”.

Steyn also said that Americans fund Ukrainian run biolabs in the country where biowarfare agents are researched and called Ukraine the “most corrupt country in Europe”.

Unsurprisingly, the monologue has been criticised and GB News has been likened to the now-banned broadcaster RT – also known as Russia Today.

One person on Twitter wrote: “KGBeebies at it again.”

Another said: “There’s no point banning RT in the UK. GB News seems to be their backup account.”

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Someone else pointed out: “This is repetition of Moscow propaganda.”

indy100 has contacted GB News for comment.

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