HBO Max intern sent out this email to thousands by mistake - and everyone’s making the same joke

HBO Max intern sent out this email to thousands by mistake - and everyone’s making the same joke
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Have you ever sent out a text or email by mistake and immediately felt embarrassed? Well, that happened over to a poor intern at HBO Max this week.

Subscribers to HBO Max’s mailing list received a mysterious email from the service on Thursday, making everyone crack the same jokes.

In a screenshot posted by David Gardener on Twitter, the streaming company sent out an email around 8:31 pm ET titled “Integration Test Email #1.” The text within the email reads as follows: “This template is used by integration tests only,” with no attachments available.

Although it looks like an email scam that you would want to avoid opening, it was a regular email test that most companies would want to keep private amongst themselves.

Making the most out of the hilarious mistake, leave it up to fellow Twitter onlookers to joke about it - and their minds were all in the same place.

“I’m just sad now because I thought I was special. I guess everyone is on the test list,” wrote a commenter.

“Tonight watch “Integration Test Email #1” on HBO MAX!!!!” added another.

“Starring HBO MAX Developers and QA folks in lead role with Scrum master, Product owner, Delivery head in negative Role,” wrote another person.

“I hope everyone watches my new show called Integration Test Email #1 coming to HBO Max soon! We’re trying something new with the marketing...” said comedian Cristela Alonzo.

Eventually, HBO wrote a statement on Twitter, saying it was a “mistake” and that it was the intern who was responsible for the “inconvenience.” In a wholesome touch, they ended the message with: “And we’re helping them [intern] through it.”

One professional also took to the platform, quote-tweeting HBO’s statement to explain moments where they made slip-ups on the job. And the response took the cake.

“Dear Intern, when I was 25 I made a PDF assigning each employee to the Muppet they reminded me of the most. I meant to send it to my work friend, but I accidentally sent it to the entire company. My supervisor (Beaker) wanted to fire me, but the owners (Bert & Ernie) intervened,” the commenter said.

We might not see another test email after this, but if we do, maybe it will be the plot of the next HBO Max sitcom.

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