Everyone loves a romantic gesture.

But how would you feel if you received a necklace made out of your boyfriend’s teeth?

Unfortunately that is exactly what one lucky girlfriend received as recounted by her boyfriend at the time, BBC News reporter Tom Hepworth, who made the lovely (?) artwork when they were together.

Chit-chatting away after a news package about making jewellery had come to an end, the presenter asked his colleague Alexis Green if she had ever made her own.

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She said she used to make earrings for her friends and family for Christmas but said she didn’t think they were “that impressed.”

Absolutely knocking her efforts out of the park, he boasted: “I once made a necklace out of teeth for a girlfriend.”

“Oh. That’s lovely. For a girlfriend?” his co-host replied, slightly taken aback.

“It didn’t last long,” he admitted. We can’t think why.

The exchange has gone viral with over 213,000 views. Responding to it, people thought it was hilarious and bizarre in equal parts:

In case you wanted more info, Hepworth then clarified that he was a goth at the time and it was “acceptable” back then.

And when someone told him he had a friend who stuffed a pillow with his own body hair as a gift to his girlfriend, Hepworth said that was “gross” and explained “enamel gifts are so much classier.”

Glad that’s clarified, then.

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