House of the Dragon: Best memes and reactions to episode 2 - 'The Rogue Prince'

House of the Dragon: Best memes and reactions to episode 2 - 'The Rogue Prince'
House of the Dragon opening credits sequence reuses Game of Thrones theme ...

House of the Dragon's second episode has arrived and as we said last week, with great TV comes great memes.

While episode two - 'The Rogue Prince' - didn't match the action of the first entry, it managed to set-up the court intrigue in some very, ahem, intriguing - and obvious - ways.

Reactions to this second episode are a little mixed. There are those who want more slaying, head-crushing and blood - which will surely come in spades for those who weren't satisfied with seeing a bunch of crabs eat a group of people alive.

There are also those though, who really enjoyed the slower pace, the characters mixing and the formulation of an explosive plot.

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But of course, the most important thing about episode two is that it debuted with the familiar Game of Thrones theme atop a new animated intro. That's what it's all about.

Viewers were very happy with Rhaenyra Targaryen taking matters into her own hands late in the episode. As the heir to Visery's Targaryen's throne, she was sat on the sidelines for months after the last episode. Mainly, she was pouring pints for the small council.

When Daemon Targaryen, Visery's brother took the entire island of Dragonstone for himself, stole a cherished dragon egg and mocked the king, it was none other than Rhaenyra who showed up. The heir flew in - peak Daenerys style - and called Daemon's bluff by demanding that he kill her, there and then, if he truly wanted the throne. Daemon, who probably only prizes his niece above anything else walked off - flicking the dragon egg back to Rhaenyra.

Last week's tragedy turned into this week's opportunity. The episode-long 'subterfuge' by Corlys Velaryon to get Viserys to marry his extremely young daughter to 'join houses' turned into a disaster when Viserys announced his decision to marry an extremely young woman - but not Laena Velayon (actual child), but (a bit older, but just about a child) Alicent Hightower, daughter of Otto Hightower. It caused division within the council, and within the family. Of course, Alicent is Rhaenyra's best mate - and now her stepmother.

Oh, and Daemon is back to scheming, and he's getting close to Corlys - but it wasn't their end of episode meeting that caught attention, but how Daemon clapped back when Corlys started bitching about the king - Daemon's brother.

Next week - Daemon and Corlys take the Stepstones into their own hands, Rhaenyra comes to terms with her father's stupidity, and will Otto/Alicent start making a serious power play?

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