Seventeen splendid translation fails

Seventeen splendid translation fails

Warning: Some of the following translations contain rude words

Via David Jorgensen

Google Translate is a wonderful, yet dangerous, invention. Without it, we would surely be lost more often than not when trying to decipher foreign languages or when trying to make ourselves understood by others.

But a blind trust in its powers can be equally as problematic. We're not sure whether these have been put through Google Translate, but the results are definitely hilarious...

1. Meat all the way...

2. At least it's fresh

3. A new take on "ensure food is piping hot"

4. What they said

5. Do not put one of those on the fire

6. Very sinister

7. An underwhelming chat-up line

8. Definitely not dumb

9. Don't treat me like potato

10. I love lamp

11. Very fragrant indeed

12. Grab me now!

13. Just do what the sign says, don't ask any questions

14. The tourists will be flocking to this one

15. Learning the swear words is always the best part of a new language anyway

16. Mandarin?

17. Explosive

Via Matt Spence

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