Amazon delivery driver surprises homeowners with charming message

Amazon delivery driver gets close to bear

An Amazon delivery driver delivered more than just a parcel when he left a heartwarming message complimenting their "beautiful" house.

In a viral clip, TikTok user Chelsie (@chelsiegilbert1) applauded the Memphis man for "delivering smiles and happiness" to their home.

Prencton Macon, 23, was nearing the end of his shift when he was assigned an impressive property as one of his last drops. Speaking to the house camera, the delivery driver said: "I don't know what I'm doing, but this is a beautiful a** house, and I just want to let y'all know this.

"Like this inspired me to motivate myself to do better. Like for real, this just off the top."

The man was so mesmorised that he "brought the wrong damn phone" to document the drop off.

Captioned, "I'm even more excited about this message than my packages", the TikTok racked a staggering 5.9 million views and has amassed thousands of comments praising Prencton and his sweet remark.

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One user suggested the homeowners, Chelsie and Robert Gilbert, should invite him round for dinner, to which she responded: "Help me find him!"

"He definitely grew up in a respectful household," another added. "No hate, no jealousy, just happy for others. I love this."

In a comment that was liked over 40,000 times, one user said: "Find this man and his cash app!"


Delivering smiles and happiness!!!

The dad-of-two has worked as a delivery driver for five years. He told the New York Post: "When I pulled up to this house, it was just lit up.

"Of course, it was late when I arrived at the house. This house was one of the last stops on my route. I was getting ready to head back to the station, I had two more stops. But when I pulled up to the house, I was like, ‘Wait a minute . . . this is so beautiful.’"

He added: "It gave me a vision of imagining myself coming home to family in a house like this. That moment was my motivation."

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