Amazon worker claims she is sexually harassed on every shift no matter what she wears

Amazon worker claims she is sexually harassed on every shift no matter what she wears


In a frustrating new video, an Amazon worker claimed that she has experienced sexual harassment during her shifts.

The Amazon employee who works as a packer for the company claimed that she regularly is harassed by her male colleagues at the warehouse where she works.

In the video, the TikTok user @misss_thanggg shared the video that features some of the uncomfortable comments she has received from those at her job.

The video starts off with Priscilla sitting alone in her car, then shows her working in the warehouse and being approached by men. The text overlay of the clip shows the comments they usher her way: “What’s your snap [Snapchat]?” “Let’s chill on break.” “Ayye what’s your name?”

Her caption also suggested that this is part of a much larger issue and she wrote, “if you work at Amazon, you know.”

In the comments, many offered their support to the young girl and shared their own stories about the unacceptable remarks they've been on the receiving end of.

Screenshot of the TikTokTikTok/@misss_thanggg

“She aint wrong I work at Amazon and most of the guys are like that some of the girls are like that too,” one user wrote.

While it seems as though the majority of the comments were there to share kind words, other people left their own sexist remarks and called out the blank tank top that Priscilla can be seen wearing in the video, suggesting that it is her clothes that caused the problem,

Luckily, the TikTok user didn't back down and actually responded to one of the critics, writing: "Boy i can be wearing a damn sweater and joggers they still are attacking like piranhas lmao."

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“Okay so that doesn’t mean she’s offering herself to guys it just means she wants to wear whatever she feels like," said one user.

“The fact that you guys are saying because of what she’s wearing is what’s wrong with the world a girl [should] be able to wear what she wants,” another argued.

In the past, TikTok has been the platform where many have shared their own stories of sexual harassment at the workplace.

Multiple videos from Hooters employees went viral after they showcased the new revealing uniforms they were asked to come into work with.

indy100 has reached out to Amazon for comment.

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