Greater Manchester’s #IsThisOk campaign praised for calling out men’s behaviour towards women

Greater Manchester’s #IsThisOk campaign praised for calling out men’s behaviour towards women

A campaign which aims to confront the way men behave towards women has been launched and the internet is praising the initiative.

Labour Mayor of Manchester Andy Burnham shared the campaign video, which follows a young woman as she faces sexual harassment throughout her day: while out for a jog, on social media platforms, leaving a coffee shop and a night out on the town.

“Rather than women being forced to change their behaviours to feel safe, it is men and boys who need to take responsibility for this issue, either by reflecting on and changing our own behaviours or challenging those of people we know,” Burnham said in a statement.

“This new video is intended to get the conversation going and in the New Year, we will be taking it into our schools, colleges and communities,”

The video shows just how much of an impact these suggestive comments can have on woman, leaving them feeling vulnerable, and asks this question: “Do you think this is OK?”

The hashtag to coincide with the phrase for the campaign is #IsThisOK.

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People on Twitter flocked to the comments to share their praise and appreciation of the video.

According to the UN Women UK, 71 per cent of women of all ages in the UK have experienced some sort of sexual assault in a public space.

The report also noted that 95 per cent of women did not report sexual harassment experiences.

The video has been released by the Greater Manchester Combined Authority as part of the Greater Manchester 10-year Gender-Based Violence Strategy.

If you have been affected by the issues discussed in this piece, offers confidential and free services to anyone who’s been raped or sexually assaulted, now or in the past. Their volunteers can visit you at home, if you want them to, or somewhere else if you prefer.

Alternatively, you can receive confidential support or information, for free, by calling 08 08 16 89 111.

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