'You're talking a load of tripe': Shock as Ann Coulter questions why people should care about Ukraine

'You're talking a load of tripe': Shock as Ann Coulter questions why people should care about Ukraine
Ann Coulter defends Trump

Ann Coulter has been slammed following an appearance on Piers Morgan’s Talk TV show, in which she questioned why people should care about the war in Ukraine.

The controversial Conservative commentator spoke about Vladimir Putin’s ongoing, illegal invasion and left other reporters in the studio Ava Evans and Esther Krakue completely baffled.

“Putin has been reaching out to America. He was the first person to call after 9/11 to express his condolences towards America, and Bush didn’t even call him back. We have so dissed the Russians for such a long time.

“The NATO thing… once the Soviet Union fell, there’s no point to NATO. We keep encroaching, encroaching, encroaching…” she added.

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Morgan stepped in to say: “Well actually we’re seeing exactly what the point of NATO is, which is to stop a murderous dictator like Vladimir Putin."

Coulter added: “I’m sorry, historically Ukraine was part of the Russian empire. I’m not defending Putin… why should American’s care about this? We have our own problems. Why should the British care about it?”

Out of nowhere, Coulter then began talking about immigrants coming into the UK, saying: “You’ve just passed Brexit, a huge part of which was about immigration, and you have more immigrants coming in? I’m so glad your guy Boris is gone and hopefully the next guy will actually fill the promises of Brexit.”

Morgan then went on to draw comparisons to the outbreak of World War II with the war in Ukraine, to which Coulter replied: “You can’t compare everything to Hitler… If Putin attacks Pearl Harbour, I’ll be interested, but he’s not attacking the United States.”

Political reporter Ava Evans from PoliticsJoe then summed up how most people were feeling about Coulter’s comments by saying: “I think you were just talking quite a lot of tripe actually, but that’s your thing.”

One social media user wrote: “[Ava Evans] delivering the perfect drop line to Coulter's unhinged nonsense.”

Another one said: “Agreeing with piers morgan was not on the 2022 bingo card.”

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