An anti-vaxxer just accidentally invented vaccines and we've finally come full circle

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Someone who's definitely "not anti vax" just accidentally invented the concept of vaccines, meaning we've finally come full circle.

In a post that genuinely defies comprehension (is it satire? is it sincere? what level of irony are we on?), a Facebook user suggested we start injecting people with exactly... What we're already injecting them with.

While we want to believe no one would be this oblivious to their own irony, they do write in a way typical of anti-vaxxers.

Hardcore sceptics say that the government deliberately infects children with toxic chemicals through injections. Platforms like Facebook have allowed misinformation to spread to a wide audience.

Polls suggest that between 30-40 per cent of Americans are dubious about vaccinations, whilst a measles outbreak in the UK last year was linked by some to dangerous myths about immunisation.

People are humouring the anti-vaxxer's idea. After all, they're not wrong...

And others are calling for people to be better educated about the topic.

If more anti-vaxxers could get behind this person's idea maybe the issue would go away.

The answer was in the question all along.

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