Australian influencer claims she got into an altercation because of the ‘hot outfit’ she wore to the shops

<p>Social media influencer Mikaela Testa said she previously got into an altercation over her outfit</p>

Social media influencer Mikaela Testa said she previously got into an altercation over her outfit


An Australian influencer has claimed that she got into an altercation with fellow shoppers because of her “hot” outfit.

Mikaela Testa shared the anecdote as she revealed that she had been “stared at in disgust” by other customers when she wore a crop top, denim skirt and heels to the supermarket.

The 21-year-old, who earns a living selling content on OnlyFans, and regularly posts her outfit of the day to her 630,000 TikTok followers, said the negative attention came when she visited the Woolworth store on the Gold Coast.

“It makes me very sad and gives me huge anxiety with going out in public wearing anything hot,” she told

Though it is apparently not the first time that the social media influencer has received backlash because of her outfits.

“I actually got into an altercation with a women and her husband at a local shopping centre a month or so ago about the same issue,” Testa told the same publication.

Sharing the latest apparent incident, Testa posted a TikTok which showed her wearing what she describe as the 2000s inspired outfit, which also included a pink cardigan.

The TikToker explains that her and her boyfriend planned to go on holiday just before a snap lockdown was enforced by the state due to Covid.

Testa can then be seen walking through a supermarket where she narrates how she “got stared at by every single grandma in disgust.”

Testa walking through the aisles of Woolworths where she was stared at by shoppersTikTok/mikaelatesta

Since posting, her video has been viewed 680,000 times, with over 85,000 likes and hundreds of comments from people praising Testa and her outfit.

One person wrote: “You looked amazing queen!”

“Oh the grandma’s just wish they have what you got bby,” another person said.

Someone else replied: “You looked good. F**k judgemental people.”

“I legit love the confidence she has,” a fourth person added.

You can watch the video in full here.

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