Influencer responds to claims guests had to show high follower count to get into party

<p>TikTok user @denisestephaniee claimed influencer Charly Jordan was checking follower count before letting people into her party.</p>

TikTok user @denisestephaniee claimed influencer Charly Jordan was checking follower count before letting people into her party.


An influencer has responded to a viral video claiming she required guests to show their follower count before letting them into her party.

The influencer in question, Charly Jordan, face backlash after a TikToker (@denisestephaniee) shared the video online describing her experience at the event.


like I thought this was a joke. also ur fav “influencers” are all rude as sh!t

In the TikTok, Denise Stephanie wrote, "I thought y'all were kidding but you seriously gotta show your follower count to get into a party?!!! LA is something different."

She added in her caption: “like I thought this was a joke, also ur fav 'influencers' are all rude as sh!t." The video has since been viewed 4.8 million times.

Though Stephanie initially refrained from calling out the influencer by name, the connection to Jordan was made when Stephanie shared a now-deleted TikTok revealing she was at Jordan’s birthday party.

She said that while lining up for entry, she heard people in front of her shouting about pulling up their Instagram accounts to show how many followers they had.

Jordan however shut down the claim and clarified the incident on her Instagram story, saying, that her security was not checking follower numbers but instead verifying that the people in line actually knew her by making sure the influencer followed them online.

"Little girls on TikTok making videos saying we asked to see follower count to get in. "Absolutely not true. I was trying to let my friends in. Not all the randoms that showed up and destroyed my property and jumped my gate which I'm now having to pay for."

Jordan has 7.4 million followers on TikTok.

In her IG response, Jordan hit back at Stephanie and said that people get "so pressed over the dumbest shit" and urged her followers not to take life "so seriously."

She also said people were lying because they were "mad they couldn't get into my party."

Jordan also uploaded a TikTok addressing the situation.


Y’all really wana believe everything u so online but here ya go

"Everybody misinterpreted that and started pulling out their phones and showing their follower count for no reason," she said. "I was sitting right up on this wall and literally screamed at everyone, 'I don't give a fuck how many followers you have. If I don't know you, I'm not letting you in.'"

She added that it was "ridiculous" that she had to defend herself over her own birthday party.

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