Author’s mum leaves adorable message on his Zoom book talk call as she plays matchmaker

Author’s mum leaves adorable message on his Zoom book talk call as she plays matchmaker
Twitter/ Menachem Kaiser

An author’s mum has attempted to find him love in a virtual world.

Writing on Twitter, Menachem Kaiser shared a comment his mother Judy wrote during a Zoom book talk he ran, derailing the conversation from his book to his love life.

He has subsequently revealed he has received date offers following her intervention.

She said: “I don’t have a question, but I do have the answer to the question that many of you may be wondering about: Yes - he’s single!”

The book Kaiser was talking about is Plunder, a memoir about reclaiming his family’s property that was seized by the Nazis during WW2. He has also published fiction and non-fiction in Wall Street Journal, The Atlantic, Vogue and more.

But his mother had other things on her mind and – though she distracted people from the subject matter – the comment may have helped raise his profile, as it has now had some 97,000 likes on Twitter.

Indeed, speaking to PA, Kaiser said people were interested following his mother’s comment.

He said: “I pretended not to see it.

“My mother has been attending many of my Zoom talks and is keen on my finding someone - so she took the opportunity.”

He added that the moderator of the Zoom talk has told him some people got in touch inquiring about dates but that he did not have time to do so while working on the release of his book.

And reacting to his post, people loved his mother’s intervention. One user said:

While another added:

Meanwhile, another author, Bradford Pearson, sympathised with Kaiser. He said:

Kaiser himself said:

Something tells us it is unlikely Kaiser will invite his mum to his next book talk.

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