Ben Shapiro retweets account calling him a '5'4" t**t'

Ben Shapiro retweets account calling him a '5'4" t**t'
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Conservative commentator Ben Shapiro has been trolled in the sneakiest way.

On Monday, actor and writer Harry Wood roasted comedian Amy Schumer for the joke she claims she wasn’t allowed to make at the Oscars.

The tweet quickly went viral and was retweeted by 23,800 Twitter users - including Shapiro.

To troll Shapiro, Wood changed his Twitter name to “Ben Shapiro is a 5’4 T**t”.

Addressing the name change, Wood tweeted: “When your tweet gets too big and Ben Shapiro finds it, the only recourse you have is to change your Twitter name.”

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In a follow-up tweet addressing the “short kings in the replies”, Wood said: “You are loved. Be proud of your majestic 5'4 selves!

“Unlike Ben Shapiro who claims he is 5'9 even though he maybe clears 5'5 and even then only when he's on tiptoes to get to a podium mic to tell an angry crowd the female orgasm is ‘illogical’”.

At the time of writing, the retweet is still on Shapiro’s Twitter.

Screengrab / Twitter

Responding to Wood’s antics, film and TV critic Charles Bramesco shared the time he pulled a similar stunt.

“Been there!” he wrote, before sharing a screengrab from April 2020 showing he changed his name to “Ben Shapiro is Editor of Cuck Monthly Magazine” after his tweet was reshared by the commentator.

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