Dating can be a minefield - but luckily, the internet has some advice on how to navigate it at every stage.

Reddit users shared the best dating advice they've ever received, so you can learn without having to make the mistake first.

How to tell when someone’s not interested

Most of the time "mixed signals" mean "no." Or, I don't know what I want and I am a mixed up person, in a mixed up part of my life, or a flake. All of the above indicate that it's often best to move on.


If she's always on her phone when you see her but takes hours to reply to your texts, she's not interested, bro


On the date

You're both going to be nervous and you're both going to say stupid things on the first date.

Humour those things and don't let them control the date.


For all that you're nervous and panicking and wanting your hair just right, know that she probably is too. Enjoy sharing the feeling together, but don't let it stop you from having a good time.


Finding a partner

Have a type but use it as guideline and not a rule


A lot of dating is just ice cream and spaghetti situations, they are both delicious, but not necessarily together. Maybe ice cream needs hot fudge and spaghetti needs meatballs.

In other words, don't stick around if you get the feeling things aren't right for you, you don't need a big reason to leave -- lots of people are great, just not as a partner for you. Be direct and polite letting someone go, but that is really all you are responsible for. They may beg you for a "reason," but most of the time, like I said, there really isn't one. Ice cream and spaghetti.


And keeping them

You can't control your partner.

Your partner will do things you don't want them to, you just have to decide what's a deal breaker.


While you absolutely don't want a one-sided relationship as a whole, you don't have to be perfectly fair for everything. Things like who drives more or who pays more or who plans what to do or who initiates intimacy can be skewed to one side.

A good relationship should be split 60/40, with both people trying to be the 60.


And after the relationship ends

Don't talk sh*t about your exes, and don't date someone who does the same. (Unless their ex was legitimately abusive or horrible - but even then, they should try not to bring it up constantly).

People who are less experienced with dating seem to think that complaining about an ex is a great way to imply your loyalty to your current partner. Like, "you don't need to worry about my ex, I hate that b*tch now!"

People with more experience think ahead: is this how you're going to talk about me after we break up? Why do your relationships end so acrimoniously? An ex is someone who meant something to you at one point, however differently you may feel about them now. And in most cases, that should earn them at least enough respect not to bad-mouth them to future partners.

-thurn_und_ taxis

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