Penis enhancement surgeries grow in popularity

A new study has revealed a correlation between penis size and personality.

The results from New Mexico researchers revealed that those with bigger penises are perceived to be more outgoing and attractive. First published in the journal Sexuality & Culture last month, the researchers showed 106 people (80 per cent of whom were women) photos of 24 penises of varying sizes.

They were asked to disclose whether they believed the person to have certain character traits, such as being extroverted, good in bed, anxious and dependable, among others.

The study revealed an undeniable link between penis size and how a character is perceived.

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Dr M, theScience Femme, who often explores scientific studies while dressed in lingerie, soon picked up the research.

According to the New York Post, she told viewers: "This study tested what first impression you’re giving about your personality judging by your d**k pic alone."

"Apparently, skinny penises are giving neuroticism, and girthy penises are giving extroverted, open to new experiences, more sexually active, better in bed and more of a pleaser as opposed to being a ‘pillow princess.'"

"Long penises gave off the same impressions," Dr M added.

Scientists from the study explained that their goal was to establish whether people can formulate impressions based on penis size.

"While most research has prioritised the face pictures and biographies of potential partners, the present findings take a step forward to investigate how pictures of penises may contribute to the holistic perception of the person within digital spaces," they penned.

Dr M added: "I was impressed by how they acknowledge that penis-size-based perceptions of masculinity are related to greater sexism and greater sexual narcissism. Add a new red flag to the list, y’all."

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