Man banned from Bumble after viral fat-shaming comment

Man banned from Bumble after viral fat-shaming comment

A man has been banned from Bumble after he fat-shamed a woman and it went viral.

Posting on Twitter, Flo Simpson shared an exchange she had with the man, named Ben, in which he implied she needed to lose weight.

After she asked what he would get her from a supermarket as a surprise, as an icebreaker, he replied: “Slimfast”, to which Simpson said: “Lovely”.

Responding to her post about the incident, which received almost 30,000 likes, people were shocked at his rudeness and shared supportive messages to Simpson:

Meanwhile, another commenter relayed a similar incident they had experienced on the app:

And now, Bumble has intervened and removed the man in question from the platform. Replying to her tweet the app said: “Rude and abusive behavior is never acceptable in the Hive, and we want you to know we’ve got your back.”

And Simpson appeared pleased with their quick action. She replied:

Speaking about the incident, she added that she didn’t understand why he had matched with her in the first place, only to be rude:

Oh dear, Ben. It looks like someone will be going to Tesco’s alone.

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