Thousands of teens storm beach to attend TikTok star’s wild birthday party and dozens are arrested

A massive beach party in California led to arrests after a rowdy crowd of thousands of teenagers gathered to celebrate a TikTok star’s birthday.

The mass gathering took place at Huntington Beach in California as part of a birthday party, called “Adrian’s Kickback”, for TikTok user adrian.lopez517.

In a now-deleted video, Adrian’s friend reportedly advertised the event on TikTok, inviting people to attend the party at the Huntington Beach fire pits on Saturday 22 May.

The event descended into chaos as an estimated 2,500 young people showed up and police declared it an unlawful gathering.

Police claimed some of the young people launched fireworks and threw rocks and bottles at them when asked to leave the area.

121 adults and 28 minors were arrested for refusing to disperse and others were charged with vandalism, having illegal fireworks and violating curfew, police said.

With the hashtag #AdriansKickback associated with the event, it has received more than 266 million views on TikTok.

In a clip posted by New York Times journalist Taylor Lorenz, Adrian can be seen explaining how he made a flier, then his friend made the TikTok which went viral.

Adrian said: “I made it Monday night and we started spreading it out on Snap [Snapchat], and then Tuesday morning is when he [friend] made the TikTok.”

By Friday night, a crowd of at least 400 had shown up, but that number grew massively the following evening.

Footage of the event posted on Twitter showed just how large and wild the crowd of partygoers got.

In a statement made by Huntington Police Department, they confirmed: “The initial crowd at the beach grew in size and moved to the downtown area where it was estimated to be over 2,500.”

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