Can we predict your age using science?

Can we predict your age using science?

Give it a go, you might learn something - and you can find explanations behind the questions underneath the quiz. And remember to let us know if we got it right in the comments.

Question one comes from a study by the University of Gothenburg which found middle-aged people - specifically women - were more likely to become ill with stress.

Question two comes from a study which found children born in the UK after the 1980s are two or three times more likely to be overweight or obese by the age of 10.

Question three comes from a study which found older people were more likely to find it harder to use the right keywords when googling illnesses.

Question four comes from a study which found sexual satisfaction in women increased with age.

Question five comes from a study which notes that in English speaking countries life satisfaction is lower around middle-age and higher in older age.

Question six comes from YouGov polling which found people were less certain about baboon/badger fight outcomes as they got older.

Question seven comes from a study from an insurance company which found older workers are half as likely to take a sick day than people in their 20s.

Question eight comes from ONS figures which show adults are much more likely to drink alcohol everyday than younger people.

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