If you believe in climate change, you’re more likely to snag yourself a date, according to new data.

OkCupid received over 4 million responses to an in-app survey asking people if they are concerned about climate change.

According to their data, 97 per cent of respondents believe climate change is real, while 82 per cent say they’re concerned about it.

This rings true for 27 year-old Mark, who said he’s always used it on his profile as a way of opening up conversations.

His profile reads: “Northern environmental lobbyist working in Westminster” and said it offers him a mixed response from potential dates… especially because he’s a Tory.

He told indy100 that it opens up conversations, like one comment that read:

Oh I love the environment - I’ve gone vegetarian out of environmental concerns. You’re a Tory, do you believe in climate change?

Of course, he also gets comments asking how he can be a Tory and an environmentalist.

He said:

It sorts out the people who are open-minded, interesting and who want to listen when you tell them a bit more.

OkCupid also found a 240 per cent increase in mentions of climate change and environmental terms on their profiles over the past two years.

But bizarrely, there’s been an 800 per cent increase in mentions of Greta Thunberg on profiles around the world in 2019 alone.

And it’s certainly true for 24-year-old Josh… well, sort of.

Josh’s been turned off by guys he’s dated in the past who drag, Greta. He said:

My date gets hotter than, well, the climate if he believes in climate change. While I can’t say I’ve ever dated a denier, I’ve had men hound Greta Thunberg.

One joked that he wished her yacht did capsize. Another, a police officer, said that, eventually, all young teens "grow out" of campaigning and join "the rest of the world". Yet, when I ask why they feel this way, there’s never an answer.

Those dates didn’t work out, unfortunately.

Michael Kaye, Dating Expert at OkCupid, said in a statement:

With climate change becoming a major talking point globally, we’re finding more and more people’s passion for the planet is becoming a steamy subject.

We have to stan an environmentally-conscious dater.

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