CNN guest left speechless after being told 'Republicans care about life until the child is born'

CNN guest left speechless after being told 'Republicans care about life until the child is born'
The Reality Of Abortion Today

A guest on CNN was left speechless after being told, "Republicans care about life until the child is born."

On Monday's segment of the Don Lemon Tonight show, Guy Cecil, who is of the Priorities USA super PAC, and Republican strategist Alice Stewart spoke on abortion.

Lemon raised the likelihood of a national abortion ban acted on by a future Republican-controlled Congress and White House.

The host also cited the recent sentiments from former Vice President Mike Pence, who said he wants a national abortion ban.

"Look, clearly both sides have what they want to do," Stewart said.

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"The pro-life side wants to protect life, and the pro-abortion wants to provide abortion. What we cannot have what the Democrats currently want to currently do is the Women's Health Protection Act. That is horrible for the unborn children," Stewart continued before noting that abortions could be done without parental consent.

"Could you imagine having a teenage daughter who needed to have an abortion, and the parents didn't have consent?"

Cecil replied: "I could if that daughter was a victim of a rape or incest, in which case your party will allow, not just allow, force that 13-year-old girl to carry her rapist's child, her pregnancy, to term."

He also said that the "only difference" between Justice Clarence Thomas and the Court is that he and Pence expressed the want for a national abortion ban.

"If they really believe what is happening is a murder, it is inconsistent for you to say a national ban is not the next step. And Republicans care about life until the child is born."

"No," Stewart said before adding that Democrats seem "fine with abortion up to delivery."

Cecil was evidently not here for that remark.

"How many cases of a woman having an abortion at delivery do you know of that have been reported," he asked. How many?" he said.

Cecil added: "Instead of giving women the rights, you want to give Mike pence and Clarence Thomas the rights over a majority of American women that want to choose their own reproductive health choices."

Last week, the Supreme Court shared its ruling in Dobbs v. Jackson, which made the right to an abortion unconstitutional. This reversed the decision in the Roe v Wade case.

In May, a draft opinion from the Court in February was leaked, revealing the Court's intention to overturn the right to an abortion.

And in the 6-3 majority opinion, Justice Samuel Alito noted that abortions essentially ensue a "profound moral issue on which Americans hold sharply conflicting views."

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