Daily Mail deeply angered by Ed Miliband's "Communist" kitchen

An important update today from Daily Mail columnist Sarah Vine on the "forlorn little kitchen" that belongs to Ed and Justine Miliband.

It was seen briefly during an interview Justine Miliband gave to the BBC where she warned personal attacks on her husband were going to get "really vicious, really personal".

Justine Miliband said she was "totally up for this fight", which is a good thing, because Vine, the wife of former education secretary Michael Gove, certainly gave no quarter.

She wrote: "Very rarely do I feel sorry for Ed Miliband, but seeing him standing there in his forlorn little kitchen, staring into the middle distance while sipping from a stripy blue-and-white mug, part of me wanted to rush home from work, sling some jolly painted crockery in a bag and head over there with a tin of home-made brownies."

She went on to write that with Miliband it was "Communist-style egalitarian lino or nothing", which improbably led to the conclusion:

And that is exactly what we will get if Ed wins the election. An austere, self-conscious, self-righteous and, ultimately, hypocritical society of socially engineered equals.

A Britain made in the image of that sad, self-consciously modest Miliband kitchen: bland, functional, humourless, cold and about as much fun to live in as a Communist era housing block in Minsk.


Important update

This might not actually be Ed and Justine Miliband's kitchen... because they have two in the same house.

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