Activists are helping migrant refugees... at the expense of the Daily Mail

A group of activists from an anarchist magazine have made the most of a Daily Mail discount ferry deal to take supplies and blankets to migrant refugees in Calais.

Around 11 ("hopefully more are taking anonymous action!") from Strike! magazine are heading out to the Impasse des Salines camp on Sunday after buying £1 tickets to the French port as part of the Mail's£1 ticket deal with P&O.

Conditions in the camp are harsh, particularly in winter (Picture: AFP)

[We are] taking donations of warm coats, blankets tents etc, that we've collected.

Looking forward to enjoying the Daily Mail's free bottle of wine on the way back.

  • Strike! magazine, speaking to

The magazine was inspired by David Charles and Beth Granville, who made the trip this week after Beth's Gran spotted the offer in the paper. The pair have subsequently "praised" the Mail for its "courageous humanitarian stance".

David Charles and Beth Granville outside a French supermarket (Picture:

In an open "thank you letter" to the paper, notorious for its critical stance on the refugee population in Calais, they wrote:

Some freeloading scroungers might have cynically used your festive promotional offer with P&O Ferries to go over and stock up on cheap continental booze and fags.

But we know you meant to launch a D-Day-style flotilla of solidarity with Fellow Human Beings who have fled the blood and torture and killing and more blood and bombs.

  • David Charles and Beth Granville

Following their trip, the pair released a four point plan on how others can repeat their mission, as shared by Strike! here:

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