‘Dogging’ trends on Twitter after Dan Walker makes embarrassing typo about Channel 5 show

‘Dogging’ trends on Twitter after Dan Walker makes embarrassing typo about Channel 5 show

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We’ve all fallen victim to the unfortunate typo, but former BBC Breakfast host Dan Walker has been left in an awkward predicament after misspelling his Channel 5 show, Digging for Treasure.

The programme, which sees Walker and co-presenters Michaela Strachan (of The Really Wild Show fame) and Raksha Dave (an archaeologist) searching for artefacts in the ground, aired its first episode on Friday and sounds innocent enough.

However, a tweet by Walker on Saturday thanking viewers for the “fantastic response” to the series opener and the “great figures” appeared to reference a different show entirely.

“Fantastic response to Dogging for Treasure last night and great figures!

“Thanks for watching and for the feedback. We are filming again today – with a little less clapping – and celebrating with a snack of choice,” he wrote, accompanied with a snap of the presenting trio tucking into food mid-shoot.

Needless to say there isn’t a show on Channel 5 with that racy title, and Twitter was quick to point it out, with ‘dogging’ currently number 11 on the list of UK trends at the time of writing:

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Not long after the NSFW typo, Walker had tried to correct his mistake with a tweet repeating the word “digging”, but it was too late.

Replying to a few responses in jest, he nudged Twitter “about that edit feature”, joked he has “offered my resignation” and that it was a “career low point”:

It happens to us all, Dan – the typo, that is, not the dogging.

And while the quote tweets are all fun and games, we wouldn’t recommend searching the word ‘dogging’ on Twitter for any memes you’ve missed, for the sake of your retinas.

You’re welcome.

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